Stephen Thompson discusses the possibility of fighting in different weight classes

Stephen Thompson

In early March, in the main event of UFC 209, Stephen Thompson gave up a majority decision to welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Given that he fought Woodley to a draw back in November, this marked his second failed attempt to steal the champ’s spot on the throne. Having failed twice to capture the title, Thompson now finds himself in a bit of a tricky spot.

In the past, we’ve seen other fighters in his position move up or down a weight class in search of a fresh start. In a recent interview with’s Chris Taylor, Thompson weighed in on this possibility.

“I am not a very big 170-pounder,” he said. “I walk around at about 190 maybe 185-pounds. With that said, the weight cut is always bad. Those last three pounds to get down [to 170] takes a lot of me. It is very difficult to get down there. I can do it of course you know. But trying to go to 155 would probably kill me. Even 165 would be very difficult for me to pull off.”

Thompson then continued, explaining that a move up to the 185-pound middleweight division would be possible, but probably not ideal.

“185… I could put on some weight,” he said. “Add some muscle weight. But then again, with my body type, putting on more muscle, would that actually be beneficial for me? If I put on that much more muscle I think I would just get tired much faster. So it is something, where if I did move to 185, it would be a long process for me to get used to that. I would definitely have to adapt to carrying around that added weight. But I don’t know man, 170 pounds just seems like the spot for me. I’m walking around in that 185, 190 zone so it is not that bad of a cut when you see what other guys have to do. And 155, I would have to literally starve myself and lose most of my muscle just to have a chance at making that weight.”

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This article first appeared on on 4/4/2017.

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