Kevin Lee believes 165-pound division is ‘inevitable,’ sees no downside to it

Kevin Lee, UFC Atlantic City

Kevin Lee is set to move up to welterweight to take on Rafael dos Anjos in the main event of UFC Rochester. Although Lee will weigh around 170 pounds, he was hoping by now he would be a part of a new 165-pound division.

Lee and several other fighters have talked about why this division is so important for their health, and added that the UFC would benefit from the creation of another belt. However, UFC President Dana White has said there won’t be a 165-pound division for at least the next seven years — as long as he is in charge. But, “The Motown Phenom” is not buying that at all.

“I think it is inevitable. I think everyone looks at it the same way. There is no sense it doesn’t happen as there is so much talent at both these divisions at 155 and 170. It is only a matter of time,” Lee said to “I was one of the first to bark about it. Now other people are letting their voices be known and step up and do some of the talking to. It is inevitable.”

Why White is against the creation of this new division is he believes it would drain lightweight and welterweight too much. However, Lee doesn’t agree with that. Instead, he believes if the divisions went 155, 165, 175, they would be the three divisions with the most talent. And, Lee knows White likes super fights. The 26-year-old’s thought process is, it could result in even more champ vs. champ fights.

Therefore, Kevin Lee doesn’t agree with White thinking it would thin the divisions too much.

“Especially when you look at it and look at the top-25, they can all be champions and top-10 fighters. If anything, it will add more top-10s to promote,” he explained. “I don’t see any downside to it really. When you talk about the longevity, and health and safety, I mean the champion at 155 almost died from a weight cut. I think longevity wise it makes too much sense.”

Ultimately, there is no word if this will ever happen. But, Lee will continue to talk about it in the hopes it one day does.

Do you think the UFC will have a 165-pound division in the next few years? Are you with Keven Lee on this one?

This article first appeared on on 5/17/2019

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