Jorge Masvidal blasts entire welterweight division: your favorite fighter is probably a p*ssy!

Jorge Masvidal

Back in January, a largely unheralded Jorge Masvidal stepped onto the canvas with the streaking Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and delivered a blowout, knockout win. Given Cowboy’s reputation in the welterweight division, this emphatic win immediately looked like it could be a career-changer for Masvidal. Yet while it did earn him the number-five spot in the UFC welterweight rankings, it ultimately didn’t do much else for him, as he hasn’t been able to book a fight since.

On Wednesday’s episode of BJ Penn Radio, Masvidal vented his frustration to host Kinch, blasting his fellow ranked welterweights for their reluctance to fight him.

“If something crazy happened to me, and I couldn’t continue fighting, people might be like ‘oh well he only got to fight one guy that was ranked’…That’s not my fault,” a frustrated Masvidal explained. “I’ve been here, trying to fight the best in the world, they’re just not trying to fight me. Yo, I’m going to say this right now to everybody listening: your favorite fighter is probably a pussy.”

“How is it that we’re in the business of fighting, and I can’t get somebody to fight me when I’m ranked myself number five?” he continued. “I’m trying to fight other guys that are ranked so that one of us can move closer toward the title. Is that not what we’re doing here? What’s with all this picking and choosing? It’s mind-blowing.”

When asked which fighters in particular he was most frustrated with, Masvidal was reluctant to drop names, and opted instead to put the whole division on blast.

“A lot of people listen to BJ Penn Radio. I’m not going to make nobody famous [by mentioning names], you know? Just f*ck everybody at 170 pounds. All these high-fives, and taking pictures, and this and that… we got into this sport to fight!”

“Let’s f*cking fight,” he concluded, addressing the entire welterweight top-15 in one fell swoop.

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This article first appeared on on 2/23/2017. 

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