Gilbert Burns slams ‘freaking liar’ Tyron Woodley, promises he’d finish him if they fought

By Cole Shelton - March 25, 2020

Gilbert Burns says Tyron Woodley is a liar for saying he accepted the fight against him to save UFC London.

Gilbert Burns

Originally, Woodley was set to fight Leon Edwards, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was moved to the States which forced Edwards off the card. Immediately, Burns offered to take the fight, but he says “The Chosen One” turned him down, despite the former champion saying on social media he did accept the bout.

“He’s a liar. He turned it down a couple of times. I’m not someone to say things about people but he is a liar. He knows, Dana knows, Sean Shelby knows he’s a liar because he turned it down and he made the UFC try for Colby,” Burns said to “Then they were looking for RDA and he didn’t want to fight him. He knows I have the ground game and the knockout power that he didn’t want to fight. I’m orthodox, Leon is a southpaw. He didn’t want the fight, he’s a liar. As soon as the President of the States spoke saying no more than 10 people, all of a sudden he accepted because he knew the event wouldn’t happen. Dana told him the fight was already off. He’s a liar, a freaking liar. He says he accepted, he’s such a liar.”

If the fight did happen last Saturday, Burns is confident he would’ve finished Woodley as he did to Demian Maia at UFC Brasilia.

“I would’ve finished Tyron Woodley. He’s old and Tyron Woodley has two more fights and then he’s going to retire. He’s done,” he explained. “I am 33-years-old, best I’ve ever felt and I believe I would’ve finished him. But, I think I will fight him this year and I will finish him.”

Now, with Gilbert Burns occupying the sixth-ranked spot at welterweight, the Brazilian knows he is in a good position for his next fight. He wants either Colby Covington or Woodley but says he has options outside of those two as well.

“If I can pick, I want Colby Covington or Tyron Woodley. But they don’t want it. If not, I’d like Leon Edwards, Wonderboy for sure and if they turn it down, I’ll fight Michael Chiesa,” he said. “If I can pick it would be Tyron or Colby but if they hide as they will hide, my order would be Edwards, Wonderboy then Chiesa.”

In the end, it appears Gilbert Burns could very well be one win away from a title shot at welterweight. But, his teammate and friend Kamaru Usman is the current champion, and the Brazilian says they haven’t discussed the possibility of fighting one another just yet. But, they both know it is a very likely chance to happen in 2020.

“We didn’t talk yet, I think eventually we are going to have to. As of right now, I don’t want to see that because I like him a lot,” Burns concluded. “He’s like the captain of the team and he helps me a lot and has cornered me. It will be a weird talk but we are professionals.”

Do you think Gilbert Burns would’ve finished Tyron Woodley as he says if they fought?

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