EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington names his ideal tag team partner for potential WWE debut

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is the UFC’s interim welterweight champion. At present he’s hoping to fight current undisputed champion Tyron Woodley in early 2019 to unify the belts.

Once he’s done that, we could see him in a different line of work, as he’s hoping to transition to the WWE ring in the future.

“I wanna take care of this business before I ever leave for the WWE ’cause once I leave for the WWE, I’m probably not coming back, you know,” Colby Covington said on BJPENN Radio recently. “I’m not gonna look to crossover and come back. I’m gonna look to go to WWE and stay there for the remainder of my career.”

When Covington does move to pro wrestling, he’s hoping to share the ring with his American Top Team training partner Bobby Lashley.

“We have a history,” he said. “We were in Impact together, so you know, we have a good feel for each other. We understand each other, and he’s a great mind, man. Bobby Lashley is so intelligent, man. That guy’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. If you could sit down and talk with that guy, have an interview, man, he’s a really interesting person. So I would love to go over there and do some tag team matches with Bobby.”

Lashley, like Covington, has had an impressive MMA career, building a solid 15-2 record in the Strikeforce and Bellator cages. However, since moving to WWE full-time, Lashley has been a little underused. Covington feels he could help change that.

“I think he needs something like that right now, too, you know,” he said. “They’re kinda trying to bury him a little bit and not give him the right opportunities and give him the big shots. So, it’d be awesome, you know. Maybe I could go be his mouth. Be the walking promo machine for him. Just make the WWE great again, you know. American Top Team’s finest. Bobby Lashley, Colby Covington. Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the World.”

Would you like to see Colby Covington and Bobby Lashley as tag team partners in the WWE ring?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 11/23/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM