Chris Daukaus expects to ‘outwork’ Derrick Lewis en route to a stoppage win, eyes Stipe Miocic next

Chris Daukaus

Chris Daukaus didn’t expect to be headlining a UFC event or fighting Derrick Lewis in his fifth UFC fight.

Daukaus is set to face Lewis in the main event of UFC Vegas 45 and when he heard the news he was stoked. He does admit it caught him by surprise but he is now eager for the challenge.

“I had called out four people I figured I would get one of them, but I guess the UFC had other plans… I didn’t think I would be getting this kind of push this early,” Daukaus said on Just Scrap Radio on “But, hey I’m going out there and winning fights and if that is all it takes for me to get this, then I’m just going to keep doing it.”

Against Lewis, Daukaus is well-aware of the moves “The Black Beast” does. He knows Lewis does play possum and pretends he is hurt when he isn’t, as well as the fact he throws flying switch kicks and flying knees which most heavyweights don’t do.

However, even though Lewis has one-punch KO power, Chris Daukaus believes he is better everywhere and has the skills to defeat The Black Beats.

“It’s something you have to pay attention to, he’s a crafty guy and knows how to fight,” Daukaus said. “I’m going to be fully prepared for anything that happens in that cage, it will be really exciting to truly test myself against a veteran like him… Stylistically, I think I’m a little better everywhere. I have the speed advantage, he has the one-punch knockout power, I’ll give him that, cardio I think that’s mine, the ground game I think that’s mine, he doesn’t really do the ground game, he has great wrestling defense, we will see how it goes. I’m excited to get in there.”

With Daukaus believing he’s better everywhere he believes he can use his technical striking and speed to avoid the power shots and piece up Lewis. Although he knows Lewis is tough to finish, the surging heavyweight contender is hoping he does get the finish.

“I just think I outwork him. I don’t think he will be able to keep up with my pace,” Daukaus explained. “Wherever this fight goes I will be able to withstand any kind of storm and if I end up on the bottom I will get back up. He will be heavy and I’m fully expecting the best Derrick Lewis and I expect him to be able to go five rounds and we will see who’s better…

“Very few people have been able to put him away, I don’t want to go five rounds, I’d rather get a stoppage,” Daukaus later added. “I don’t like decisions, he doesn’t like decisions, hopefully, I get my hand raised at the end of this.”

If Chris Daukaus does finish Derrick Lewis, it would be the biggest win of his career and set him up for a big fight next. He knows he would be in title contention and says he’d like to face Stipe Miocic next to determine who gets the next title shot.

“I really don’t know, we will see how the Francis-Gane fight goes and if there will be a rematch. If that happens, I don’t know what happens to Stipe but if Stipe wants to fight, I’ll fight Stipe. That would be cool to do a five-round fight against Stipe for the number one contender,” Daukaus concluded.

Who do you think will win, Chris Daukaus or Derrick Lewis?

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