Alonzo Menifield knew he would submit Fabio Cherant, eyes June return

Alonzo Menifield
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Alonzo Menifield knew there was a lot of pressure on him entering his UFC 260 fight.

Originally, Menifield was set to face William Knight but just three days before Knight was out of the fight due to testing positive for COVID-19. When Menifield found out the news, he was disappointed as he thought he wouldn’t get the chance to fight.

“I was super worried and concerned I wouldn’t be able to fight after I learned Knight tested positive,” Menifield said to “But, I was told I was getting a short notice replacement which was a big relief. My approach to Knight to Cherant was a complete 180 so I had to switch my gameplan.”

Although Menifield was still fighting at UFC 260 against a UFC newcomer, the Fortis MMA product knew the stakes were still the same. Menifield was on a two-fight losing streak and knew if he lost, he likely would’ve been cut from the promotion.

“My job was at stake. Even though I’m on a new contract you never know if they will cut me,” Menifield said. “I needed to be able to provide for my family so I really took it into the next gear as I worked on my diet, cardio, and other things to be a better MMA fighter.”

In the fight, Cherant tried to hold Menifield up against the cage. When they went to the ground, the UFC debutant tried to get a guillotine. However, when they were on the ground, Menifield and his coach, Sayif Saud saw the position they were in and knew the Von Flue choke was there.

The win also cements the fact that Menfiield is dangerous everywhere as he doesn’t just want to be considered a knockout artist.

“I wanted to cement the fact I’m an MMA fighter, not just a knockout artist. When we looked into the opponent, coach Sayif said I could out grapple this guy. That is what we tried,” Menifield said. “We have worked on chokes and kimuras and even leg locks this entire camp. As soon as his arm was stuck, I knew the Von Flue was there and coach had yelled it out. I didn’t think I would get it, because he could’ve pulled his arm out but when he didn’t, I knew I got it.”

After the win, Menifield is already back in the gym and hopes for a quick return. He’s open to a short notice fight as long as he can get back in there before June.

“I’m thinking as soon as possible, no later than June for me. It’s also about whoever the UFC offers me. They can give me anyone at any time,” Menifield concluded. “I’m back in the gym now to get ready for whenever they may book me.”

Who do you think should be next for Alonzo Menifield after his UFC 260 win?

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