VIDEO | Dennis Bermudez Reflects on 3-Fight Skid, Fili Loss, “a blind man could have told you that I had won that fight”

“No idea [what was up with the logic behind the scores for the Andre Fili fight]. Cause none of the scores are the exact same. The first judge had Andre Fili winning the first and second rounds then me the third round. The second judge had me winning all three rounds, then the third judge had Andre Fili winning the first round and the third round. Now, the thing is…if I, me personally, am gonna give Andre Fili any round that he won, it would be the second. And the third judge gave me the second over the other two. My brain is just blown. Like in the third period, a blind man could have told you that I had won that fight. At least that round. How that judge gave him that third round…I don’t get it.

You’ve really caught me in like a weird time, you know? Cause…if you had, and i’ve been telling people this, if you had, like two or three years ago, someone asked me, ‘i’ve got a $100,000 job for you, like here you go, would you take it?’ No. No, I would be like fuck off, dude i’m going to be a UFC world champion. I’ll make way more than that.

I mean now after these series of events, it might be worth it at this point in time. I mean like, I put my heart and soul into this thing and I got…in the last six months i’ve had two guys go, ‘you didn’t win’. Which lost me $100,000. It’s crazy. So it’s like fuck, man. I mean, I guess you could look at the other end of the spectrum like, it’s hard because i’m trying to win in every aspect of the fight.

I guess what i’m saying is I could be careless just try to fuckin’ throw haymakers and get a knockout but that’s not enough of a gameplan. I’m trying to win every aspect of every second of every fight. It’s not like I stop fighting.”

Dennis “the Menace” Bermudez entered the UFC a part of season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter as one half of the featherweight finale. Bermudez took on Diego Brandao and was unable to come out victorious but they put on one of the most exciting one round fights we’ve ever seen in MMA.

After that fight, Bermudez went on a super impressive seven-fight win streak that included wins over names like Max Holloway and Clay Guida. Since this win streak, he has gone 2-5 with his two most recent losses being controversial and questionable split decision losses as alluded to in the interview.

Bermudez also mentioned to John Hyon Ko of MMA Today, that he ideally wants to fight on the possible UFC Hawaii card in June.

What did you think of the judges’ decision for Bermudez’ last fight at UFC on Fox 27? What do you think is next for him?


This article first appeared on on 2/26/2018.

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