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Power Slap competitor Jewel Scott admits Dana White’s new venture is high risk: “I may die here”

Power Slap League competitor, Jewel Scott, provided honesty when speaking about the dangers of slap fighting.

UFC President Dana White’s new venture has come under fire. Many, including former WWE superstar and neuroscientist Christopher Nowinski, criticize slap fighting since the competitors have no way to intelligently defend themselves from taking a strike to the face.

During an interview with Complex, Scott admitted that there is high risk involved in Dana White’s Power Slap League.

“I’m kind of thinking along the same lines with the thought in the front of my mind that I may get killed here, or I may die here,” says Jewel Scott, a competitor out of New Orleans. “So I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to not only survive, but win and be victorious.”

Combat sports fans won’t soon forget the scary knockout loss that Chris Kennedy suffered. Kennedy was on the receiving end of a brutal strike to the face and he collapsed to the floor. Nowinski called Power Slap League, “pure exploitation.”

White recently took to his Instagram account to respond to a fan expressing concern about rules not being enforced in Power Slap League. White agreed with the fan and claimed measures are being taken to make the sport safer.

“I hear you. The commission is working on it. Everyone is in a learning process right now. They have learned a lot since the March event and you will see that as the show goes on. But you are absolutely NOT wrong.”

Time will tell what exactly those safety measures will be.

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