Joe Rogan admits Conor McGregor’s approach to the USADA testing pool after injury is what he would’ve done: “You’re not just going to heal off eating mangos”

By Josh Evanoff - April 4, 2023

UFC commentator Joe Rogan understands why Conor McGregor left the USADA testing pool.

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‘The Notorious’ has been out of action since his trilogy with Dustin Poirier in July 2021. In that outing, ‘The Diamond’ won by first-round TKO after McGregor broke his leg in the final seconds of the round. Due to the injury, the Irishman has been out of action for nearly two years.

However, he’s now closing in on a return. Earlier this year, the former two-weight world champion coached The Ultimate Fighter opposite Michael Chandler. While the show is set to begin broadcasting next month on ESPN, the date of their clash is currently unknown. That’s mostly thanks to McGregor’s ongoing saga with USADA.

Last year, Conor McGregor left the USADA testing pool. While he’s never stated that he’s using banned substances, many assume that he left the testing pool to do exactly that. While some have taken shots at McGregor for this, Joe Rogan understands.

On his podcast, the UFC commentator discussed McGregor’s situation with USADA. There, Rogan was quick to state that he doesn’t know if the Irishman is using steroids. However, if he was, he wouldn’t blame him. Rogan added that if he were a top athlete like McGregor, he would’ve also left the testing pool to heal his broken leg.

Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan discusses Conor McGregor’s USADA situation

“Let’s speculate. He got out of the USADA testing pool, this is what I would imagine if I was a pro athlete at Conor’s level, you need help.” Joe Rogan stated in a recent edition of his podcast. “You’re not going to heal off that just eating mangos and f*cking eating clean, you need some help. I would want that person to take something. You’d have to consult with an expert sports medicine doctor who would tell you, ‘you want peptides, you want this, you want that.'”

He continued, “These are things you can’t take when you’re in USADA. You look at Conor after that leg break, he got f*cking jacked… I’m hoping Conor’s leg is okay. A leg break of that magnitude, Chris Weidman broke his leg in a similar way and he just recently competed in Polaris… For two years, he’s been recovering from this shin break, it’s just brutal. Some guys never bounce back, they’re never the same.”

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