EXCLUSIVE | Ian McCall addresses the Internet know-it-alls: ‘Who the f–k are you?’

By Russell Ess - October 14, 2016

Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall has had the worst string of bad luck with his recently scheduled fights in the UFC. The flyweight has had his last three scheduled fights canceled with suffering one injury that forced him to withdraw from a match while the other two were from issues with his opponents not being able to compete.

Ian McCall

“Uncle Creepy” spoke with BJPenn.com Radio host, “Kinch,” on Wednesday’s episode and spoke about the disappointment of going through three training camps and not being able to even step into the Octagon to fight and how Internet know-it-alls really don’t know much about matchmaking.

uncle creepy

“Well, the thing is with UFC, you have to be in the [USADA] testing pool for four months,” McCall said regarding finding a last-minute replacement for his opponents that were unable to compete. “So, all these no-name guys, and I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but these no-name people go online and they’re pining for the fight. They want this fight. ‘Oh fight this guy or this guy!’ ‘Don’t be a pu–y!’ ‘Fight this guy!’ ‘You’re a bitch if you don’t fight this guy, he lives down the street. He’s on weight, he’ll come fight you!’

“For one, you haven’t part of the testing pool for four months. Number two, who the f–k are you? I’ve fought in this sport for 14 years. I’ve earned every f—king centimeter that I’ve ever gotten. I don’t mean to be a di-k but, you’re not on my level and if you wanna get there then I’m not saying you can’t but, earn it. Don’t just sit there and have your friend talk shit on twitter. Being that I say that, it’s not just me. It happens to everybody. I don’t get a lot of bad flack from it. It’s just, ‘Fight this person, fight this person.’ Somebody will say something funny.

uncle creepy

“When it comes to guys in the UFC, even though I haven’t fought much since I’ve been in the UFC and I haven’t performed all that well, I’m still pretty dangerous. I’ve been ranked top five in the world for five or six years now for a reason. So, people don’t wanna take a fight on two weeks notice, three weeks notice, or couple days notice. Every time I have an opponent pull out I get ready. I train my ass off. I diet. I do everything perfectly. I fly out to set location. My team flies out with me. My agent flies out with me. My nutritionist and chef fly out with me and I sit there and I’m miserable for a couple days. Whatever bumblef–k city they send me to, whether it’s Atlanta or Cleveland or wherever it is and I’m on point and then they have to pull out.

“So, people don’t really understand the letdown of what I’ve had to deal with. I’ve prepared my whole life for this. Specifically the last couple months. So, it’s a really hard thing to go through and it’s emotionally taxing.”

With a fight re-booked with Neil Seery for UFC Fight Night 99 all the way in Belfast, Ireland, “Uncle Creepy” dreads that if something does happen to make his fight fall through once again, he may not be able to carry on with his fighting career.

ufc flyweight uncle creepy

“Man, if I have to fly to Belfast, you know to get screwed over again, I’m gonna freak out. I would probably just retire.”

With this being the fourth go for Ian McCall, we are all surely hoping that everything goes well for both he and his opponent Neil Seery so that they can do what they have trained to do and leave it all in the Octagon on November 19 at UFC Fight Night 99.


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