A head kick thrown by Conor McGregor on Floyd Mayweather could potentially cost him $90 million

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Picture this: The richest fight in combat sports history ending in the most shocking way possible with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor knocking Floyd Mayweather out in their boxing match with an illegal head kick.

It would be one of the wildest outcomes to the fight that would surely break the Internet and be a moment never to be forgotten in the history of sports.

However, the chances of that happening are slim to none with the fine McGregor would have to end up paying.

UFC President Dana White stated previously that it is in the fight contract that no kicks will be thrown. “We talk about a guy of Floyd Mayweather’s value in the sport—the lawsuit if that ever happened…Conor loves money and he would lose a lot of money if that happened.”

Mayweather gave some of his insight on the matter when asked about it on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show.

“What if Conor kicks you in the head? What are you gonna do? I know it’s against the rules,” said Kimmel.

“That’s a fine. That’s a huge fine,” Mayweather told Kimmel. “I don’t think he want to lose, probably 90 percent of his money or even more.

“I don’t really know what it’s gonna be, but it’s gonna be a heavy fine.”

Conor McGregor has stated that he expects to clear $100 million if his fight with Mayweather surpasses the Mayweather vs Pacquaio numbers, which many believe will happen. So, if McGregor were to make $100 million for his fight with Floyd Mayweather and were to get fined 90 percent for throwing an illegal strike such as a head kick, according to Mayweather’s guess, that’s a cool $90 million fine for “The Notorious.”

Floyd Mayweather

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather assured there will be no illegal strikes being thrown by him as he abides by the Queensberry Rules. Not to mention, “Money” surely loves the idea of keeping his potential $300 million plus earnings for this one, minus the taxes.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 8/16/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM