VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Praises ‘Ton of Fun’ Colby Covington

Colby Covington

Everywhere Tyron Woodley turns, Colby Covington is there: On television, on the Twitter, even sliding into comment sections on Facebook. However, his antics have drawn more attention than from just the UFC welterweight champion, he basically has an entire nation of Brazilians angry at him. Something that resulted in an altercation with heavyweight Fabricio Werdum in Australia. Chael Sonnen recently opened up about his kindred-spirit in trash talk, Colby Covington, praising the surging contender while condemning Werdum.

“I love [Colby Covington]. I think he’s a ton of fun and what [Fabricio] Werdum did was a scumbag move. This is the second time Werdum has done this, don’t forget. Last time we saw him get into somebody, it was 155-pound Tony Ferguson. It was just really weird. That’s my piece on that. As far as Colby goes, listen, if you wanna make an omelet you’ve got to crack a few eggs. I remind you, I know Tyron Woodley since way back when and I saw Tyron do that same thing. He had a little bit of a different approach, but don’t make a mistake, Tyron Woodley stuck his finger in every single chest and used every single microphone he had to get his opportunity too.”

“[Tyron Woodley] even set off on his own teammate and then he knocked him out too. Tyron was a guy that wanted to climb the mountain and wouldn’t let anyone stop him. Colby is just doing the same thing. I don’t think anybody could judge Colby in some kind of unfair light. He’s got his own approach. The whole thing was weird. Why is Werdum sticking his nose in? It’s very bizarre. Why would he get his feelings hurt about it when he’s living in California, man? Werdum had no standing in the matter. It was a scumbag move by Fabricio.” — Chael Sonnen speaking on The MMA Hour.

To some, all of this may seem like the new direction of MMA beef — especially with today’s political climate — but old fans of Sonnen’s will know that this is old hat. Chael Sonnen gained notoriety by digging into many Brazilian opponents by saying harsh words about their native country and people. While this is in no way an excuse for potentially offensive language, it serves as a continuance of a legacy of controversy that Sonnen paved the way for. No word on who Colby Covington may fight next, but rest assured he’ll be the center of attention when it goes down.

This article first appeared on on 11/25/2017

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