Ben Askren reveals first memory after Jorge Masvidal knocked him out at UFC 239

By Adam D Martin - March 21, 2021

Former UFC welterweight Ben Askren revealed the first memory he had after Jorge Masvidal knocked him out with a flying knee at UFC 239.

Ben Askren, Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier

Masvidal’s five-second KO over Askren is one of the iconic moments in UFC history. The two rivals talked a lot of smack in the lead-up to the fight, but as soon as the bell rang, Masvidal ran across the Octagon and completely flattened Askren with a brutal knee as he ducked for a takedown. It was a brutal knockout that left Askren completely KOed stiff.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Askren said that the first memory he has after Masvidal knocked him out was waking up and seeing Luke Rockhold — who was knocked out in devastating fashion by Jan Blachowicz the very same night at UFC 239 — at the hospital.

“Actually, the first memory was, I remember Luke Rockhold was right in front of me. And I thought, that was the first thing, like ‘F*ck I’m in the hospital, Luke Rockhold’s right there,'” Askren said.

Askren was of course taking a shot at Rockhold, who has been knocked out more than once in MMA. Rockhold suffered a brutal KO loss to Blachowicz that night at UFC 239, but he also suffered brutal knockout losses in the UFC to Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort, as well, and generally, his chin wasn’t considered his strong suit. Waking up and seeing Rockhold was, according to Askren, the first sign that he knew that he was in the hospital.

Askren is currently retired from MMA but he will be making a comeback to combat sports next month when he fights Jake Paul in a boxing match. As for Rockhold, he was recently seen at the RVCA gym doing some training under Jason Parillo alongside former rival Bisping, as he plans a comeback to the Octagon in 2021 after two years away from MMA.

Where do you rank Jorge Masvidal’s flying knee KO on Ben Askren among the greatest knockouts in UFC history?


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