Anderson Silva lists BJ Penn among all-time greats, but stresses “there is no such thing as the best”

Anderson Silva, BJ Penn

UFC legend Anderson Silva listed fellow MMA pioneer BJ Penn among the all-time greats but stressed “there is no such thing as the best.”

Silva is considered by many to be among the greatest MMA fighters of all time and many consider him to be in the GOAT discussion. In the wake of Khabib Nurmagomedov beating Justin Gaethje to go 29-0 in MMA, many have rushed to call “The Eagle” the GOAT. But there are other fighters such as Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre who are also in the conversation. When you consider all the variables, it’s hard to have one GOAT.

If you ask Silva, it doesn’t come down to naming one fighter as the GOAT, because different fighters were the best during different time periods. Speaking to the media in Portuguese, Silva spoke about several fighters he would have on his short-list for the greatest ever but stressed that in his opinion you can’t just name one single fighter.

“You have better momentarily. Soon (the moment) will pass and another will come. I think it’s very premature and kind of nonsense that the best of all time. From time to time someone appears good, a new talent outside the curve. There is no ‘the’ best,” Silva said (via AG Fight).

“There is no such discussion, there is a moment. People were better at certain times: (Georges) St-Pierre, Royce (Gracie), Jon Jones, Khabib (Nurmagomedov), and other athletes. Matt Serra, Pedro Rizzo, Vitor Belfort, BJ Penn. There were so many good and better athletes at certain times. There is no such thing as the best.”

Considering what Silva means to MMA and where he is regarded on the all-time list of greatest fighters, being on his short like Penn and these other fighters are is high praise.

Do you agree with Anderson Silva that there is no one single GOAT in MMA?

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