Video | Logan Paul challenges Tupac-loving fan during Saturday’s Paul vs. Woodley weigh-ins

By Adam D Martin - August 29, 2021

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul challenged a Tupac-loving fan during Saturday’s Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley weigh-ins in Cleveland, Ohio.


Paul’s brother Jake fights Woodley tonight in a huge boxing match between the former Disney star and the former UFC welterweight champion. Like all of Jake’s fights, Logan will be in the first row in attendance of this Sunday’s big fight. Of course, Logan himself is a boxer, having fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout back in June. So the elder Paul has no problem backing himself and if he’s challenged, he’ll call someone out on it.

At the Paul vs. Woodley weigh-ins on Saturday, Logan Paul got into it with a fan in the crowd. Check out how the exchange between the YouTuber and the fan went down below.

“Come on. Come on. Show me how much of a p*ssy I am. Hey, come on, come show me how much of a p*ssy I am. You. Yeah, you. I’m looking at you. Walk up the f*cking aisle, get on stage, and show me how much of a p*ssy I am,” Paul said.

When the fan didn’t respond to Paul’s challenge, the social media sensation nicknamed “The Maverick” responded by telling him, “Yeah, that’s what I thought, b*tch.”

Paul is a master of hyping up the fight and he knows how to drum up interest in him and his brother, and any more people talking about this weekend’s big fight is a good thing. Both Logan and his brother Jake have taken the boxing world by storm in the last few years as they have introduced the concept of YouTubers vs. professionals, and it’s become popular amongst casual sports fans. But just because these guys are YouTubers doesn’t mean they can’t fight, so perhaps fans should think twice about talking smack with them.

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