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Video | John Fury sends a warning to Jake Paul ahead of his upcoming fight with Tommy: “Be prepared to get taken out of that ring on a stretcher”

John Fury has issued a warning to Jake Paul ahead of his upcoming fight with his son Tommy Fury on February 26.

It’s the fight that’s already been booked a few times, but that some said wouldn’t happen. Alas, later this month, it seems as if we’ll finally get to see Jake Paul go head to head with Tommy Fury.

The two have been going back and forth with one another for over a year. ‘The Problem Child’ is seen as the favourite by many, whereas Fury is ready to finally silence the YouTuber.

During a recent video posted to social media, Tommy’s father John cut quite the promo on Paul and his team.


“Quick video to Jake Paul and co. Jake, you think Tommy is not gonna show up. You’re gonna be very disappointed and mistaken, because we’re one million percent gonna be there. We can’t wait to get this fight done with you mate. There’s no way in the world, this entire world, this fight ain’t gonna happen pal.”

“So if you’re dreaming in your own little boys brain that we’re not gonna show up and Tommy isn’t gonna fight you mate, well, you’re gonna be very wrong. Be prepared to get taken out that ring on a stretcher my friend, because that’s what’s happening to you.”

Fury warns Paul

“You’ve no chance at all, I don’t give you any chance whatsoever. Not a remote chance, not even a puncher’s chance. Your last chance with Silva, that fake thing, you missed him mate. I watched it time and time again on a video. Silva, you missed him, he fell down and got counted out. You’re in a real fight this time mucker with a man who can bang with both hands. So, advice to you, keep ‘em up.”

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