Man pulls gun at comedy club, ends up hugging it out with Mike Tyson (Video)

Mike Tyson
Image via @miketyson on Instagram (photographer not listed)

Mike Tyson got into a bit of a scare recently. ‘Iron Mike’ recently had a gun pulled on him at a comedy club. However, everything turned out okay after the champion calmed the man down.

Tyson, 55, was apparently out enjoying himself on a rooftop comedy club. However, it seems that someone kept trying to interrupt the show by talking to the former champion. Eventually, the talking turned to yelling, and he began challenging Tyson to a fight.

Naturally, he was asked by security to leave. The man seemingly had no intentions of doing so. Instead, he decided to pull a gun. This had comedy-goers diving under tables and scrambling for cover. Surprisingly, Mike Tyson didn’t move an inch and just stayed in his seat and watched the situation unfold.

It seems that the man soon calmed down and put the gun down. The man soon thereafter began pleading with Tyson and others not to call the police. After talking with the man for a minute, the former heavyweight champion gave him a hug and told him to calm down. According to TMZ Sports, the comedy show proceeded on after the man left, and everything continued as normal.

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Furthermore, it turns out they didn’t call the police either. It seems that Tyson and others held up their end to not get the authorities involved. This isn’t exactly that surprising given that ‘Iron Mike’ seemed kind of bored by the whole situation.

It’s hard to not imagine that the situation would’ve gone radically different had it been a younger Mike Tyson. However, the now 55-year-old has spoken about how he’s become calmer after his use of marijuana and mushrooms. That use explains his calm demeanor throughout this wild event.

What do you think about this wild situation involving Mike Tyson? Were you surprised by the former champion’s composure during the event?

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