Evander Holyfield on Mike Tyson trilogy fight: “I think it’s going to happen”

Evander Holyfield

Heavyweight boxing legend Evander Holyfield says that a trilogy fight against rival Mike Tyson is closer to becoming a reality.

Holyfield and Tyson have been connected to a third fight in the wake of Tyson’s comeback bout against Roy Jones Jr. The fight between the 50-year-olds was entertaining and the event sold 1.6 million PPVs, proving that Tyson is still a big draw. The heavyweight legend has plans on fighting again and Holyfield is absolutely in the running to be his next opponent. In fact, it’s close to happening.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Holyfield said he’s confident the Tyson fight will be booked.

“We’ve definitely had conversations with them. It looks like it’s going to happen,” Holyfield said. “Let’s do it, baby. Simple as that. Let’s do it.”

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Holyfield said that the reason he wants this third fight with Tyson is that the fans want to see it. The two heavyweight legends have a rivalry dating back to the 1990s when they had a memorable pair of heavyweight boxing title fights. Holyfield knocked Tyson out in the first fight, then won by DQ in the second fight due to Tyson’s infamous eat bite. 24 years later and now the trilogy fight is close.

“That’s the only guy that I see that the people want. If you’re doing the thing, you’re doing it for the people. The purpose is the people because it’s the people that make things go around. As for just being him, if it wasn’t for the people who want it, I wouldn’t have said nothing to him,” Holyfield said.

The legend said added that he believes the fight is happening and is confident it will.

“I’m a very confident person. I think it’s going to happen,” Holyfield said

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Do you want to see the trilogy match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson?

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