Eddie Hall reacts following loss to Thor Bjornsson in boxing: “Hopefully there’s a rematch”

Thor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, Boxing
Thor Bjornsson vs. Eddie Hall Boxing match

Strongman-turned-boxer Eddie Hall has sent a heartfelt message to his fans after losing to Thor Bjornsson on Saturday night.

In what was billed as the heaviest boxing match in history, World’s Strongest Man rivals Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson went to war in a chaotic tussle in Dubai. The bout went the full distance with Bjornsson eventually getting his hand raised via unanimous decision, with the judges giving him all but one round of the contest.

The two men have hinted at a rematch but for the time being, the spoils go to Thor – with many believing his better preparation played a huge role in his triumph.

After the fight, Hall took to social media and thanked his supporters before providing them with a few really nice takeaways from the experience.

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“Hey guys, obviously you’ve seen the result, a loss on my behalf. You know what, I can take things like a man – it is what it is, that’s boxing. At the end of the day I’ve just fought literally the biggest man on the planet in a boxing match. I’d like to see anybody else get the balls and do that.”

“It’s been a hell of a journey, I’ve enjoyed it. Hopefully there’s a rematch and we can do business again. I just want to wish everyone out there that you’re staying safe, staying positive, keep moving forward in life. The most important thing is family. This gorgeous woman [his partner] is my rock. No matter what happens, I get to go home to this gorgeous thing here and my kids as well. Take care everyone.”

Do you think we are going to see Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson 2 in the future? Did the fight exceed expectations or was it a letdown compared to what many thought they’d see?

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