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Paige VanZant to return to BKFC ring against “well-known name” this summer

Paige VanZant will reportedly return to the BKFC ring for a fight with a “well-known name” sometime this summer.

VanZant who achieved massive fame as a member of the UFC roster, signed with BKFC late last year, and finally made her debut with the bare knuckle promotion in early February. While she came up short in her debut, losing a decision to Britain Hart, she had plenty of success in the matchup and wowed many onlookers with her toughness.

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Speaking to Damon Martin of MMA Fighting, BKFC President David Feldman revealed that he’s already plotting another fight for VanZant. He says she’ll be taking on a big name next, most likely in the second half of the summer.

“I really take my hat off to her because she didn’t have to do this,” Feldman said of VanZant. “Now I take my hat off to her even more because she definitely doesn’t have to do this again. She’s doing it and she really wants to prove herself and that’s the kind of person that I want to be in business with, the kind of person I have a lot of respect for. So I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do.

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“I think she’s going to adapt a lot more,” Feldman continued. “I think she’s really going to take a step up in her next fight. Pretty sure we have the opponent. We’re just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on this one. It’s another well-known name and I think the public is really going to get behind this one. I think it’s going to be a really competitive fight.”

Despite coming up short in her BKFC debut, Paige VanZant has made it clear that she’s currently committed to bare-knuckle fighting.

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear our defeat without losing heart,” VanZant wrote on Instagram after her fight with Hart. “Last night I told my husband I didn’t want to fight any more. But as soon as the words left my lips I knew that wasn’t true. I’m a fighter. This is what I live for. Losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed.

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“That fight last night was a good learning experience for me,” VanZant added. “The timing and distance took a little bit to figure out. But I felt my last round was my best round and I’m going to build off of that! I’m thankful to fight for the best team in the world and we are going to go back and fix our mistakes. Thank you to Britain for competing last night and congrats on victory! I’m also confident we will cross paths again.”

What do you think the future holds for Paige VanZant in the BKFC ring?

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