VIDEO | MMA fighter shows incredible composure after nasty leg break suffered in fight

Unfortunately, injuries often come as part of the game in sports.

In mixed martial arts, it’s more often than not that you’ll see some bloodshed and some bumps and bruises. However, broken bones are quite rare with how many mixed martial arts fights that take place around the world.

Perhaps the most recognized leg break in mixed martial arts is Anderson Silva’s, which was suffered in his second fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 168 due to his popularity and it being a UFC title fight.

Here, we see an injury that occurred earlier this month in a similar fashion in an Indonesian MMA fight between Ferdin and his opponent Adi R Manurung.

In the very first round of the fight, Ferdin throws a kick at Manurung and hits him in the hip and then gets taken down. From viewing the video, it looks like Ferdin’s leg breaks when his leg gets planted back on the ground after being lifted in the air for a takedown. Ferdin attempts a sweep from the bottom and only then is it clear that his leg had been broken. Manurung ends up in the mount, unknowing Ferdin’s leg was broken and continues fighting until Ferdin calmly signals to stop the fight due to his injury.

Ferdin’s composure shows how tough of a competitor he is. Here’s to wishing the best for a quick and full recovery!

This article first appeared on on 5/18/2017.

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