VIDEO | MMA fight caught kick to flying armbar is a thing of beauty

The beauty of mixed martial arts is the many disciplines of combat that all blend together create the sport that has garnered so many fans today.

Here, we take a look at this impressive highlight reel performance from back in 2013 where Olivier Fontaine and Sofiane Benchohra met in the ring at Lyon Fighting Championship 1.

It was a short fight as the two opponents traded a few strikes to start things off. Then as Fontaine attempted a kick, Benchohra caught the kick and Fontaine was left balancing on one leg for a brief moment until he jumped up and pulled off a beautiful flying armbar. After a bit of positioning and Benchohra trying to fight off the submission on the ground, Fontaine locked the armbar in causing Benchohra to tap.

What flying submissions come to mind that were as smooth as Olivier Fontaine’s flying armbar on Sofiane Benchohra? Let us know in the comment section which highlights you think can top this!

This article first appeared on on 7/20/2017.

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