VIDEO | Aikido black belt tests himself against MMA fighter

When the UFC was created, the intended purpose was for fighters of various martial arts disciplines to test themselves in order to prove truly which martial art was the best.

While nearly every fighter competing today is well versed in various martial art backgrounds, occasionally fight fans will still see footage from sparring sessions and gym fights where a practitioner of one martial art tests themselves against an MMA fighter.

In this friendly video, 2nd degree Aikido black belt Rokas Leonavicius steps into the ring with MMA fighter Tadas Aleksanonis, who also has a rather lengthy kickboxing resume as well.

While Todas gives Rokas some tips prior to, and during, their sparring session, Rokas admittedly found himself very lost and confused on what to do once the sparring session was underway.

The video is an interesting look at how traditional martial arts can, or cannot, be applied to MMA in a friendly setting, without the two practitioners attempting to knock one another out.

This article first appeared on on 5/6/2017.

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