VIDEO | Charlie Zelenoff sucker punches Floyd Mayweather Sr. and then faces brutal consequences

Charlie Zelenoff is an interesting character.

Whether he truly believes that he is an undefeated boxer or if he is just trying to rack up views on the Internet to make himself some money, one thing for sure is that his videos are getting some attention.

Here we take a look at the sparring match that he had with Floyd Mayweather Sr. It’s unclear how Zelenoff actually persuaded Mayweather to actually get in the ring with him to spar but you can see that the punches being thrown surely had some pop in them.

At one point Zelenoff puts his hands in the air as if he was declared the winner but Mayweather Sr. continues on with the sparring match. Things take a turn when Zelenoff climbs out of the ring through the ropes after getting hit by a combo from Mayweather Sr. As Mayweather Sr. walks away, Zelenoff climbs back in the ring and tries to sucker punch Floyd and then faces the consequences for trying to pull the dirty move off in the gym.

Floyd Mayweather Sr Charlie Zelenoff

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This article first appeared on on 5/9/2017.

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