VIDEO | Nutty internet bully asks people to do ‘light sparring’ and then goes for shady KO

The Internet is a crazy thing.

Here, we take a look at an interesting video featuring Charlie Zelenoff, who is a self-proclaimed undefeated boxer.

Zelenoff has a good amount of videos uploaded on the Internet where he goes into your everyday gym such as a 24 Hour Fitness and finds people to be “opponents” his videos. Zelenoff apparently asks people to do some “light sparring” with him and then when the two put on gloves, Zelenoff goes for it with his hardest punches trying to knock out the unsuspecting person, who was probably just expecting something more close to shadow boxing than anything else.

Charlie Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff has gained quite a bit of attention on the Internet where he could likely be making some money off of the views of his videos but he seems to be living his life as this self-proclaimed undefeated boxer. Interestingly, in this video put together by someone who is trying to warn others in gyms about Zelenoff’s tactics with asking people to spar with him in gyms, Zelenoff’s father is also fully behind his actions.

One incident even involved Floyd Mayweather Sr., who showed Zelenoff what he was still capable of in the ring. Mayweather Sr. put in some nice work on Zelenoff, making him climb out of the ring, only to get back in the ring and sucker punch Mayweather Sr. who was walking away. Things obviously did not go well for Zelenoff after that happened and he is lucky he was not badly hurt for pulling off the cheap shot.

Charlie Zelenoff

Check out the video and if you ever get approached in the gym to do a little sparring while you’re just trying to sweat on the treadmill, perhaps this may serve as a bit of a warning.

This article first appeared on on 4/3/2017.

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