#WCW: Octagon Girl Jamillette Gaxiola gives clues on what she really wants in bed

By Russell Ess - December 30, 2015

UFC Octagon Girl Jamillette Gaxiola is one of the more recent additions to the UFC’s roster of ring girls gracing the stage of MMA’s premiere promotion.

Gaxiola recently answered some questions with MAXIM on what she prefers in a man.

As a UFC ring girl, are you more into alpha guys?
Being one of the UFC ring girls, I get to see dedication and hard work. Persistence, self-sufficiency, and strength are great advantages.

What is your favorite thing for a man to do in the bedroom?
Bring me food–breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed. Can’t go wrong with that.

Got it. What’s your ideal date?
Netflix and chill!

Will do. Lastly, what are your thoughts on sexting?
Manscape if you do it.

You heard it from Jamillette Gaxiola herself. Get to it!

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