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‘UFC Fight Night 40’ Results: Brown Finishes Silva in Round 3 of FOTY Candidate

‘Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva’ was one of the most exciting bouts in a long time and the UFC should consider themselves lucky it aired for free on television.

Hometown boy Matt Brown was looking to impress those in attendance, along with Dana White, by headhunting from the opening minute of the first round. He was finding some success with his aggressive fighting style, but he was leaving himself open for counter-shots and Erick Silva took advantage of that quickly. Silva crashed his shin into the gut of Brown twice. The second shot forced Brown to double over in pain.

Silva thought he smelled blood as he followed Brown to the mat. Brown ended up in a neck crank and was nearly forced to tap, but he defended brilliantly and eventually made it back to his feet. When Silva stood up, he was hunched over and his mouth was hanging wide open. He had tired himself out by trying to work for the finish!

Matt Brown had a minute and a half left to make the round his and he took advantage of every second he was given. Silva was so gassed his hands were hanging by his chest which allowed Brown to crack him with repetitive elbows and punches. The crowd rose to their feet as Brown started his path to victory.

The first round was one of the best in UFC history.

The rest of the fight followed the same format of the first round, essentially. Every single time Matt Brown looked like he was on his way to finishing the fight, he would absorb another shot to the gut that would make him stumble backwards. Silva was too tired to follow up, though, so Brown was given time to recover and he would proceed to dominate Silva with shots.

Matt Brown took Erick Silva down with ease throughout the fight. Silva’s takedown defense was nonexistent due to the fact that he could barely muster up enough strength to block punches.

Do not mistake Erick Silva’s exhaustion for weakness, though. He was taking an insane amount of punishment and STILL walked forward to try and dish out some of his own. Silva possesses one of the best chins in the division.

Brown found himself on top of Silva in the third round and he abandoned going for submission attempts; it was time to go for the kill. He postured up and slammed his fists and elbows into the skull of Erick Silva and the referee threatened to stop the fight. Silva’s response was simply turtling up and turning his back to Brown. Referee Herb Dean had seen enough and waved it off.

What do you think? Is Matt Brown next in line for the title?

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: MMAKirschner

Matt Brown def. Erick Silva by way of TKO (Strikes) 2:11 of Round 3

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