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Home » UFC NEWS » UFC 171 Results: Jury Beats a Bloodied Sanchez In a Decision

UFC 171 Results: Jury Beats a Bloodied Sanchez In a Decision

Myles Jury remains undefeated inside the octagon.

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Myles Jury took control of the fight early on and landed strikes in a very technical manner. He made sure that his back was never up against the fence, a spot where Sanchez usually excels in. Jury outstruck Sanchez in the first round heavily and landed a takedown at the end of the round to seal the deal.

Diego Sanchez was consistent with his wild striking approach but Myles Jury was simply too technical for him. Jury slowed him down by attacking his body and chopping at his legs, but he also landed a good deal of headshots. He also mixed it up with landing sporadic takedowns. One of the takedowns almost backfired as Sanchez was close to locking in a guillotine, but it was a failed attempt and Jury escaped danger quickly.

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Traditionally, the third round of every Diego Sanchez fight favors him and his crazy style. Jury continued to fight intelligently and made the third round his own, out-striking Sanchez and landing a takedown.

Myles Jury claimed he defeated Diego Sanchez easily during his post-fight interview.

Myles Jury def. Diego Sanchez by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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