UFC 171 Results: Bermudez Finishes Hettes in Round Three

Dennis Bermudez had no problem taking Jimi Hettes down at all. By the time the first round was over, Bermudez had taken his opponent down four times. While on top, he did a great job maintaining control and landing shots on top. Hettes did not put on a great showing in the first five minutes, so he put a little extra effort in the second round to catch up.

Unfortunately, that effort did not translate to offensive production. Bermudez was simply too aggressive tonight and controlled where the fight went. Bermudez pressed Hettes up against the fence and landed a big knee to the head. He dropped him with a left straight and Hettes’ mouthpiece flew out. Bermudez followed him to the ground and went in for the kill, but did a good job in not blowing his whole gas tank. Hettes survived the flurry and eventually made it back to his feet.

Bermudez dropped Hettes again in the third round. It looked almost as if Hettes fell on purpose to get Bermudez to chase him to the ground. It could have also been pure exhaustion as well, because he fell down after Bermudez connected with combinations three more times. The referee had enough of it and called off the fight late in the third round.

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Dennis Bermudez def. Jimi Hettes by way of TKO (Punches) 2:57 of Round 3

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