Sorry Homie! – Dana White Says ‘No’ To Nate’s Request To Be Released

A little over one-week-ago, Nate Diaz took to twitter asking the UFC and Dana White to be released from his UFC contract.

It was a simple and short post, that up until today we had yet to get an answer on.

During today’s media event in London, the UFC boss talked about Nate’s request:

“He hasn’t called me. Is that how we do these things? You tweet? The answer would be no, (I would not let him out). He just signed a new contract that he was happy with a month ago. That’s definitely not controversial for the Diaz brothers – that’s called normal. I’ve got 500 guys under contract, and there’s always something. Every day when I wake up, there’s something… The crazy thing about this this is, I actually like the Diaz brothers. Are they nutty as hell? Yes they are. But I like both of them, and they’re fun to watch fight.”

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