Sonnen updates fans on potential return

By bjpenndotcom - December 22, 2015

Since being suspended by the NSAC back on July 23rd 2014 for two years for a failed drug test, there has been much speculation as to whether or not Chael Sonnen will return to the UFC once his suspension is up.

While he may be officially retired, his manager has been insistent that ‘The American Gangster’ will return to the Octagon one day, despite Sonnen insisting that he’s retired.

He spoke to Fox Sports to give more info on his potential return when his suspension is lifted in June of 2016.

“I’m definitely not going to compete again. I will tell you that Mike (Roberts) tells me the same thing that he told you. He tells me all the time ‘oh yeah, I know you will.’ It’s like who is more likely in this scenario to know the answer to this and he argues with me to me — like if he was arguing with the media it would be one thing, but he argues this to me, which I just find hilarious. He’s like ‘I’ll bet you’ and I said ‘Mike, you really want to make that bet?’ Which one of us is more likely to know the answer? No, I’m done.”

While there were rumors buzzing around that Sonnen may compete at UFC 200 in July, it seems as if that won’t happen.

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