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Silva Doesn’t Believe Dream Fight With Roy Jones Jr. Will Happen

“I don’t think this is going to happen. It’s not an idea politically well received by Dana and Lorenzo. I’m trying, I always bring that subject but they are irreducible. It would be historical Roy spanking of me but this is my dream. He is also very excited to do this but it is a business issue. In a 0 to 10 scale I’m 9 right now. The doctor said I just can’t jump and run. I could fight again this year but because of personal projects I should just come back in 2015, even though my family isn’t happy about it, they wanted my retirement. I have eight more fights in my contract but it says that I could stop fighting right now if I want.”

Not all dreams come true.

In a recent interview with, Brazilian talk show “The Noite”, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, admitted that he doesn’t think his dream fight with, boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr., will ever happen.

/Insert Sad Face.

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