Roy Nelson: ‘Roy Nelson is definitely a household name’

“Everyone wants to fight Nogueira in the UFC because he’s the only one that’s won a Pride belt and a UFC belt. He’s a legend. He’s one of those guys that comes to fight. He’s an old-school guy where he’s going to try to finish the fight regardless in the first round or fifth round. I respect fighters that try to do that instead of play the new game, ‘I can outpoint you for five rounds, three rounds or whatever.’ I like the old school of, ‘We’re in this cage and only one guy is going to leave.'”

CK: You described Nogueira as a legend. Do you strive to reach a status like that?

RN: I think, fan base-wise, I’m definitely up there with Big Nog. Everyone knows my name. Roy Nelson is definitely household. I definitely want to leave my mark to where people say, ‘Man I love the way Roy fights,’ and ‘I love the way Roy finishes fights.’ That’s ego as a fighter. You want to leave a little mark on the sport.

CK: You’ve been outspoken about the merits of increased drug testing. What do you make of the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s ban of testosterone replacement theory?

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RN: The way I look at it is, it just goes back to putting everything back in the dark a little bit more. There was that little loophole that wasn’t really a loophole. If anything, I actually thought it was probably better because you’re not getting the stuff off the black market. It’s probably a little safer for the athlete. If you’re going to cheat, you’re going to cheat.

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun’s, Case Keefer, ‘Big Country’ discussed this Friday’s fight against ‘Big Nog’ in Abu Dhabi and more.

Think he’s on the money with his fame?

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