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Roy Jones Jr. Responds To Anderson Silva’s Fight Challenge


UFC middleweight champion and possibly the greatest fighter of all time, Anderson Silva, recently stated to the NY Post that he would love to challenge boxing champion, Roy Jones Jr. to two fights, one inside the cage, and one in a boxing match. It had appeared that Silva meant the challenge as a show of respect, pitting his own talents against those of Jones Jr.

Now, in an interview with celebrity news outlet, TMZ, Jones Jr. has accepted Silva’s challenge in a very real way:

“I would love it … Call me and we’ll make that happen.”

Jones showed the utmost respect for Silva as the guy with a camera attempts to hype the hypothetical fight. Jones went on to talk about what he thinks the reasons are for Silva calling him out:

“He might not necessarily think he can get me but he might want to find out can he get me,” Jones Jr. explained. “He might not 100 percent think that but he might want to see how good he could do. Could he get me? So he knows he’s good enough because he’s been getting everybody over there, so he feel like, ‘If I’m that good why don’t I try the best at that?’ You got to respect him for that but the best at that don’t run from nothing.”

This fight is far from a reality as Jones Jr. isn’t the dominant boxing king he once was and Silva’s list of potential title challengers by the end of the year is around the block, but it still remains a fun notion to ponder. Silva fights one of those challengers soon as Chris Weidman attempts to stop the long-reigning king at 185 pounds on July 6th at UFC 162. As for where this fight would take place, Jones Jr. said he would definitely take it in the boxing ring, but a jump to the Octagon might not be such a good idea:

“I’m not really sure about the Octagon because I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking about it now,” he said. “But I don’t know that I would be the best at that because there’s a lot of other things that come along with that, but I know in that square that they all beware.”

Either way, just the fact that this is post-worthy news is a sign of respect from both sports and to both athletes who made a career at making beating people up look beautiful.


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