Pic This: Champ Luke Rockhold Congratulates Fellow champ after UFC 195

By bjpenndotcom - January 5, 2016

Luke Rockhold was backstage to congratulate middleweight champ Robbie Lawler after his performance at UFC 195.

While I was looking at this Twitter picture I realized one thing that could be a possibility depending on how Luke Rockhold fairs against former champ Chris Weidman on a rematch.

Rockhold has granted Weidman a rematch but the AKA fighter made statements that he’ll “put him right back down.”

If Rockhold defends his belt twice against Vitor Belfort in a grudge-match or maybe even Yoel Romero,  however, the thought of Rockhold taking Romero in to championship rounds isn’t close to the realm of reality given Romero’s last performance.

“Ruthless” on the other hand has a title shot that needs to be contracted so he can defend his title against Tyron Woodley.  Once those fights happen and both fighters defend, we should start talking a super-fight between {Lawler vs Rockhold}.

But as we all know the stars and moon need to align just perfectly sometimes for a super-fight goes down.  Hopefully we see one this year.

Who would win in a Lawler vs Rockhold match-up?