Mike Winklejohn claims Holly Holm held back in her UFC fights leading to Ronda Rousey

By Russell Ess - November 19, 2015

Holly Holm shocked the world after knocking out Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 to capture the UFC women’s bantamweight championship. However, Holm still had many on her side going into the fight that knew that she was destined for glory. Holm’s coach, Mike Winklejohn is one of them and said in a Yahoo report that the shock factor was all a part of an intricate plan.

“Ronda is an emotional fighter and she has overwhelmed people with that pressure sometimes and it’s worked for her in the past,” Winklejohn said.

“It’s just Holly is at another level when it comes to intellect.”

Winklejohn claims the new champion’s combat intelligence is so high, she held back her skillset in her UFC bouts leading up to the title fight with Rousey.

“Footwork is always the key for Holly Holm in her fights and Holly has held back a bit in the past and that was all part of the plan,” he said.

“We knew we would fight Ronda one day and Holly showed why she is now the best in the world.”

What do you think of Winklejohn’s claims of Holm sandbagging in her previous fights? Do you think there is still a level to Holly Holm that we have yet to see?

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