Kennedy Slams Belfort: ‘90% Chance Broken Steroid Addict Doesn’t Fight Weidman’

By BJPENN.COM News - August 4, 2014

Tim Kennedy has done it again. This time he took aim at Vitor Belfort and fired off some extremely harsh comments about Belfort’s colorful past that includes two failed drug tests. Belfort recently got licensed to fight Chris Weidman for the middleweight title in December, but it will be his first bout off TRT. Kennedy believes this will have an overwhelming affect on Belfort’s performance.

He spoke with Steph Daniels of

“He’s a broken steroid addict,” said Kennedy. “If he fights natural, he doesn’t stand a chance against Chris. If he’s juiced to the gills, he’s dangerous to anybody.”

“It’s one of two things. Either he gets to use steroids – he’s training, has wonderful doctors that get him through it al – and he’s able to compete, barely getting through with his drug tests. There’s like a 1 in 10 chance of that scenario happening.

“The other factors are that he tries to be clean, and he realizes that he can’t compete. Or he tries to go clean and gets hurt. Or he just uses the steroids and gets caught. One of those 3 options are the likelihood of the other 90%.”

“I know Luke (Rockhold) was talking about this. He’s 2-1 in the UFC. I’ll be 4-0 after my fight, so I think Jacare and I will have a little bit better position to try to talk our way into a title fight. I fight September 27th, and following that, I’m going to try to be 100% ready for that December fight card. It’s kind of funny that the three Strikeforce guys are the top contenders [laughs].