Jones Changes Tune – Now Blames Employee For Homophobic Comments

UFC code of conduct violators, who do so on social media, will always and forever have an easy-out for saying things they may regret later.

And they can thank Jon Jones, and his recent campaign of misinformation, for this ‘Violators Guide to Keeping Your Job.’

Recently the UFC light-heavyweight champion was accused of tormenting a young man with homophobic insults on instagram. Jones’ manager immediately said his phone was stolen, while Jones himself said his social media was hacked.

Now, in a recent interview with Newsday, we have a third version of what happened and it’s actually pretty believable.

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Check it:

“One of the guys that’s working for us took it into his own hands to reply to the fans some negative stuff. I don’t know if the dude thought he was logged in under his name or if he knew he was logged in under my name. By the time I found out all that stuff had happened, it had been on the Internet for hours.”

“I’ve been called a ni**** before on social media. I had one guy say my kids deserve to be molested on social media. I’ve had guys insult me for having a white fiancee and threatened my family’s life. So I’ve dealt with some real social media shit. I’ve had real-life stuff happen to me, so for somebody to say I lost to Gustafsson isn’t even worth getting my attention.”

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