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Jon Jones says he was not a ‘coke head’ but had a different addiction

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will never hear the end of it from his doubters. Coke this and cocaine that. Jones’ positive test for cocaine that was revealed after his title fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 will forever be a stain on his name.

Jones spoke in depth about his problems with MMA Fighting and talked about his history with cocaine, and revealed the drug he was really addicted to (transcribed by Bloody Elbow):

“I had no right to be doing cocaine, but they had no right to be testing me for street drugs and then putting it out to the public. I hear about the cocaine more than anything else I’ve ever done in my career. So, they definitely set me back huge. Let’s just say I haven’t forgot bout it,” Jones said, and hinted that he even considers suing the NAC. “It’s crazy with the whole cocaine thing. Ariel, I’ll look you dead in your eyes. I don’t like coke. I’m not a coke guy. I smoked marijuana quite frequently. And people who know me know that about me. I love to drink. I can honestly say I partied with the best of them.

“But cocaine, you know, I tried cocaine one night and the athletic commission is there the next day. It was just, like, how in the world did this just go down? How did it happen this way? So now people like to paint me as this coke head, and my haters would love for me to be a coke head, but far from it. I would never be able to accomplish the things I have with cocaine. I was addicted to marijuana. And because you can do so much while being a marijuana addict, it’s hard to admit that you’re an addict. But I was, and now I’m not, and I feel set free, and I’m just so grateful for everything that has happened to me, because it’s allowed me to see this and be more clear.”

What do you think of Jones’ admitted past marijuana addiction?

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