Jon Jones Reveals Why He Wanted To Make Sure Glover Got Tested

“I just thought I would have Glover tested because he’s not the youngest fighter and everyone raves about how strong he is. Some fighters, you just know they’re not on anything just by looking at them. Part of (Teixeira’s) mystique is his amazing physical strength and I just questioned it. I have no reason to think he’s on steroids but I do wonder how someone can be so strong.”

“I called Dana White and said, ‘Hey, I want Glover to take steroid tests for this fight. He asked me, “What, you think he’s on steroids?’ I told him I don’t know and I have no reason to accuse him of anything but I would like to be sure.”

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Brent Okamoto, Jon Jones, the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion, explains the reasoning behind the random drug testing going on by Maryland.

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Jones and Teixeira fight later this month in the UFC 172 main event.

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