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Dana White Explains The Will Chope Release

“It seems like a great guy and he’s got his stuff together, but a few years ago he didn’t sound like such a great guy. You put your hands on your girlfriend or your wife and you’re accused of it. You beat her three times or whatever you did, that’s a tough one to overcome.”

“We’re going to have situations where guys have some incidents. It depends on how big your incident is. they’re not all going to be the same … it’s a case by case basis and it depends on how bad it is. His was pretty bad.”

“Believe me, if there is anyone on this planet into giving second chances and we all make mistakes, we’re all human beings … we will guys second chances, but first of all, we’ve got sponsorship partners, we have television partners, and the list goes on and on. As tolerant as I may be, some of our partners may not.”

UFC President Dana White explains the sudden termination of Will Chope’s contract and the UFC’s stance on regaining his employ.

If you missed what happened to Will, find that here.

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