GSP Hints At Fighters Using Drugs To Cut Weight –– ‘Read between the Lines’

By BJPENN.COM News - October 13, 2015

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been a big advocate for stricter drug testing in the sport of MMA.

Georges St-Pierre interview

One thing he has never done is name names. However that hasn’t stopped him from hinting at fighters using drugs. The former champ recently talked to RDS and explained how some fighters will use drugs to help with drastic weight cuts.

He again said he wasn’t accusing anyone in particular, but said that he’s seen guys who don’t look like they used to. Hmmmm.

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“Large and fast weight cuts are often done with drugs. I’m not accusing anybody in particular, but certain substances are often used to cut weights and others to gain some back. Science has gone that far. I’m not surprised to see certain things. I’ve met fighters that don’t look like they used to, and they don’t fight the same either. I think a lot of people are scared. You can all read between the lines.”

Read between the lines? Who do you think GSP could be talking about?

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