Frankie Edgar says he is done with ‘getting screwed over’ by the UFC

By Russell Ess - December 23, 2015

Former UFC lightweight champion has had enough with getting screwed by the UFC. After coming off a dominant knockout of Chad Mendes, “The Answer” is looking to become the third fighter in UFC history to hold championship titles in two different weight classes.

UFC lightweight champion The answer

Edgar recently did a short Q&A session via twitter and responded to a tweet that asked, “if u get screwed out of 145 title fight would u fight for 135 if Cruz pulls out?”

Edgar tweeted his answer emphatically and is looking to make a statement to fight only one man, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

Another fan asked Edgar, “Hey Frankie. How would you feel if you had a rematch with Jose aldo for the interim feather weight belt?” Again, Edgar reiterated that he has just one fight in sight.

What do you think will unfold in the UFC featherweight division? Will Conor McGregor move up to lightweight to challenge for the 155-pound title, or will he defend the featherweight belt against Frankie Edgar? Share your thoughts in the comments!