Frankie Edgar Interview: Tuf 22 Finale “It’s all about Aldo and Mcgregor!”

By bjpenndotcom - December 7, 2015



With Frankie Edgar’s fight with Chad “Money” Mendes only right around the corner, the only beating for the battle drums being played that Edgar feels is for the main event on December 12th at UFC 194. Edgar has been with the UFC for almost nine years and produced many 5 round wars inside the octagon, a battle tested Edgar shares his views with FOX Sports :

“It’s all about Aldo and McGregor, I’m not a dummy. It’s kind of been that way for a while. I’ve got to let my performance speak for my case,” said the former lightweight champ, who argues that the lack of attention for a major event, from a promotional percpective is nonexistent.
“The UFC hasn’t done much to promote any of my last fights it seems like compared to what they’ve got going on for Aldo and McGregor. I get it, a lot of people want to see it, and they are definitely building it up.”
Edgar has plans of beating Mendes making his stance as the next fighter to challenge for the belt a stronger one.

“I think I’m doing it myself. I don’t think they’re helping me out too much,” Edgar said. “I haven’t been the champ in a while and maybe that’s the case. I don’t mind doing it myself. It’s my 10th main event, I keep putting myself in front of these people and I keep putting on great performances, people are going to want to watch me fight.” Edgar said.

With so much attention on Aldo vs McGregor, does Edgar have a case against the UFC for “lack of love” from White and Co. leading up to the what realistically is an overshadowed number two fight? Or would it be wasting promotional dollars? What do you think?