Diego Sanchez Thinks His Octagon Wars Have No Adverse Effects On His Health

Hell no, that shit don’t take a toll on me, it makes me better. That’s experience, that’s being under the bright lights and that’s learning to find who you are as a true warrior; learning to find that true warrior spirit within. And, it takes time, it takes many years, it takes many fights, it takes experience. You have to feel these feeling, these emotions, it’s the spirit inside of fighter and the heart inside of a warrior. Sometimes you go through fights where you’re more technical, sometimes you have to grind it. Sometimes you dominate and sometimes you have close fights. There are so many aspects in mixed martial arts, but in the wars with Gilbert Melendez, I believe we are two of the best lightweights in the world. UFC obviously agrees, because Gilbert is fight Anthony Pettis for the title, so I’m up there with him.”

Diego Sanchez is a literal ‘Nightmare’ for his opponents. Rarely stopped, he can take a beating like no other man in the UFC today.

Many point to slurred speech in his post-fight interview ,following the Melendez fight, as evidence he should take it easy. But in this latest interview with USAToday he disagreed, stating the wars only make him a better fighter.

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