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Cyborg Responds To White: “Nobody has the right to accuse you without evidence”

Last week we reported on the heinous comments UFC President Dana White made about Cris Cyborg.

We then followed that up with a call to Cris and got the first response from the Invicta FC Champion.

Now we have a new statement from the female fighter, courtesy of Brazil’s Combate.

“Nobody has the right to accuse you without evidence. I have explained many times that the doping episode was an error during the weight loss for that fight, and it is our mistake and we evolved. Just because we are not perfect, we have no right to judge anyone.

Two years have passed since then, I have served my suspension, I resumed my career, I returned with the help of champion Tito Ortiz and George Prajin, who extended their hand when everyone else turned away from me.

And, finally, fought three times since, and was tested in two of the last three fights. Can test me today, tomorrow or whenever they want. I’m with a clear conscience. I cannot be judged for the rest of my life for a mistake I made two years ago. I do not want to remember my whole career by the only mistake I made.”

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