Cyborg Rep: ‘Rousey resorts to name calling because she can’t hurt Cris’

First of all Cris Cyborg is a beautiful woman with a huge heart. She has a mother and father and a beautiful niece that she has raised since she was born. Ronda is not only trying to hurt Cris but is hurting them as well. This is fight sport, no reason for hateful attacks. You want to hurt Cris, get in the cage. Dare you.

Cris Cyborg does not need to resort to personal insults. She wants to hurt Ronda physically not verbally. Ronda’s hateful statements show that she fears Cris because she knows she has to verbally attack her to hurt her because she can’t physically. She knows she has no chance against Cris in a fight.

First she ran to 135 to escape her, hoping that she would never have to face her. Then when fans started to demand the fight, she hid behind her weight division. Now that Cris is coming after her she now is setting up the excuse of all excuses – fighting Cris wouldn’t be fair. In fact it would be “criminal.”

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She is right about one thing: It would not be fair. And it has nothing to do with performance enhancing drugs. It’s because Cris is just that much better. And to agree with Ronda, it would be criminal. In fact it may end in homicide.

Ronda is making serious allegations that Cris is abusing steroids. Unless she has proof, she is having a reckless disregard for the truth!

Ronda knows Cris has passed four drug tests in a row including a random drug test performed this past March. All Ronda is doing is trying to build an excuse once Cris mops the cage with her. That is by lying and saying that Cris is a cheater.

Affirmatively, Cris is not using any performance enhancing drugs!

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– George Prajin, a representative for Cris Cyborg, via

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM