Cruz to Dillashaw: I’m out for 4 years and I’m STILL going to beat you

By BJPENN.COM News - October 18, 2015

Dominick Cruz has only stepped foot in the octagon once within the last four years thanks to a pair of ACL injuries that has kept him on the sidelines. Before suffering the injury, Cruz defended his championship against Demetrious Johnson and Urijah Faber and established himself as a dominant champion in a short amount of time. The injuries ultimately cost him his belt as UFC was forced to strip him due to inactivity.

Dominick Cruz

While he was gone, TJ Dillashaw reigned supreme and solidified himself as a viable champion when he picked apart the then-unstoppable Renan Barao twice. Now, Cruz and Dillashaw are on a collision course and are expected to clash at the beginning of 2016.

While the fight may be months away, it hasn’t stopped Cruz from talking some trash with Milenio.

“This knee was much easier to fix than the first one. I looked great after double ACL surgery coming back, and I know for a fact that I will do it again against TJ,” Cruz stated.

“It’s pretty basic. The division, while we do have a lot of guys moving around, what’s really changed? The champion right now, has lost to two different people in the same division. One of them, finished him and was at 125, and that’s John Dodson.”

“That’s the champion at 135 right now. Got knocked out by Dodson. He’s very very beatable, and that’s been proven. You haven’t proven a lot of ways to beat me since 2007, when I was 21 years old, working 40 hours a week while I was training.”

“The only thing these guys have to hold on to in beating me, is the fact that I’ve been out for 4 years,” Cruz mentioned. “That’s what’s going to be scary. I’m out 4 years, and I’m still going to beat you. So then what?”

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