Couture: ‘The UFC Trying To Cover Their Butt By Pushing The Ban On TRT’

“In a small way it implicated the UFC when they highlighted Vitor Belfort who had a TRT exemption and he said he never heard of TRT until the UFC doctor turned him onto it and told him what it was all about, was I think one of the reasons why the UFC, they didn’t want to be implicated, they didn’t want to be party to that so they moved for the commissions to ban the exemptions. ”

“Whether the UFC is helping them find doctors to do that appropriately or not doesn’t really matter in my opinion. I think they were just trying to cover their butt by pushing the ban on exemptions through. The whole thing, I mean, how many guys have we had come up positive (for PEDs). That, in my opinion, is worse than the TRT. At least they’re going through proper protocol and using conditions and doing the right thing.”

Former two-division UFC Champion, Randy Couture, told the guys over at ‘Submission Radio’ what he thinks about the UFC’s sudden pursuit to ban TRT.

In the same interview, he discussed how his feud with Dana White impacted his sons chances in the UFC. (You can read that HERE. )


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